Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changes on the blog!

Time for some change around here on the blog. I wasn't happy with the old blog. I wanted a blog that is fresh, and something I looked forward to updating. I deleted ALL of my posts, and kept the following pictures to look back on the past 2 years. Some friends and family, some insipiration, some fierce, and some LOVE!

I *promise* to keep this updated, and post more pictures of past work that I have done. So keep your eyes out for more photo posts, and I can't wait to share my new stuff with you (new to blog, photo shoots from SEVERAL months ago!)

So with all that being said... Enjoy scrolling through these following photos, and see you all soon with MORE photos!

Thanks so much for those still "following", and those who have stopped by out of curiosity! Special thanks to for the recent inspiration.

MUCH Love!

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